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Sample Salary Negotiation Letter

How to ask for a raise and get the salary you deserve

Who Needs a Sample Salary Negotiation Letter?

Better think twice before searching for a sample salary negotiation letter to answer one job offer that you may have received or to ask for a raise in a current employment. Written communication can come in much later or may be unnecessary at all. The best option for prospective hires and for asking a salary increase is to personally discuss compensation matters with an employer. The negotiation can be quicker, more effective and fruitful for both parties in a face-to-face meeting. A proposal and counter-proposal can be exchanged instantaneously, and any differences can be settled right on the spot. You can read the body language of the other party of the negotiating table to your proposal. You will have a better chance of getting what you want through a detailed presentation in the negotiation.

This is one thing that even a well-crafted sample salary negotiation letter cannot completely deliver. To be readable, business letters are usually written as one-pagers. Go beyond one page and the reader`s attention or interest will begin to fade. In worst case scenarios, extremely long salary proposals will end up in the waste basket. If you really want to write a letter to negotiate a salary or a raise, do so only after a personal interview or talk with the employer. For the letter to be brief, it should contain only the salient points agreed upon during the discussion, and probably serve to confirm the amount agreed upon as a starting compensation or salary increase.

But never mention an amount if there is no final agreement reached yet. You can probably cite a range in the salary you want, but do not commit as further negotiation will be needed. Any sample salary negotiation letter which can be accessed for free in the internet don`t provide salary ranges. You will have to do further research in order to complete the input needed for a salary proposal letter. You can base your inputs from the many online resources available such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics` website and those maintained by business groups and career-counseling services. It would be ideal of course if you can access pay scale data from the employer. You will have a better benchmark on how much to ask in negotiating for a starting salary or an increase in pay.

Accessing salary levels in a company, however, could be difficult as often such information is considered confidential matters. There are, however, some clever techniques by which to obtain this information which you will need to complete the data lacking in a sample negotiation letter. There is an e-book called "The Ultimate Guide to Salary Increase" which can show you the many ways by which compensation information can be obtained from within an employer. Access this e-book through the link below to be equipped with some of the more effective tools in gathering not only salary information. The author behind this book has also developed the methods by which you can convincingly present a salary pitch that in the end will not necessitate having to look for a sample negotiation letter at all.

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