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Salary Review

How to ask for a raise and get the salary you deserve

Take the Effective Primers for Salary Review

Are you dreadful of an annual salary review? Well, some people are while others look forward to this occasion which is an opportune time for seeking and eventually getting a pay raise. The people who are usually anxious of this exercise in performance appraisal are those who are unprepared going into a meeting with a superior. This makes the employees less-equipped for the negotiation likely to occur during the discussion. Whatever anxiety an employee has needs to be overcome in order to be effective in negotiating a better salary scale or a career promotion. Confidence has to be built through adequate preparation for a meeting on job performance analysis.

One good way to start the confidence-building process is of course to do your job and do it well. The contributions that an employee makes to the operations of the company he or she works for constitute the core of the discussions in a salary review. An employee must, above all, positively contribute to the business objectives of his or her employer. It has to be ensured that the employee properly executes the job functions as specified in the employment contract. These functions are the very reasons why one has been hired and is being paid by an employer. It is in the execution of these functions that an employee proves his or her worth to the employer. The proofs of competency in a job or lack thereof are then presented and analyzed through a performance appraisal.

Prior to a salary review, therefore, an employee must have a firm and clear understanding of his or her functions. He or she must know these functions by heart in order to ensure that the day-to-day tasks being accomplished are in line with the job description. Regular goal-settings also have to be done in coordination with a superior in order to manage the job expectations from an employee. A boss, supervisor or a manager needs to sit with the employees working under him or her in order to discuss specific objectives for a certain period of time or for a business project. It is vital that an employee is informed of the goals that are needed to be achieved and how each member of the taskforce can contribute their share to the accomplishment of set objectives.

A salary review, consequently, will require an adequate documentation of an employee`s accomplishments. This will form the basis for possible merit increases as well as promotions depending on how well the assigned tasks are accomplished or how great their contributions are to the fulfillment of the employer`s business goals. In this stage of the performance appraisal, each specific task delivered and job accomplished are subjected to analysis and discussion by the employee and the immediate superior.

An employee must have the proficiency in both written and oral presentation of his or her key performance areas in order enhance his or her confidence in a salary review. Add zest to such presentation skill through the e-book "The Ultimate Guide to Salary Increase" available through the link below. This e-book contains some emphatic ways by which to document your job accomplishments vis--vis established goals as well as the winning pitches for salary increases.

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