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Salary Raise

How to ask for a raise and get the salary you deserve

Boost Your Chances for Salary Raise

Many employers use the current economic crisis as an excuse not to increase salaries of their workforce. For the most part, however, companies cannot stonewall on a salary raise for long and maintain a freeze on wage increases. Business managers have to keep employees motivated, productive and efficient; otherwise, the whole enterprise will suffer. Less motivated, less productive and inefficient employees will turn out inferior products or services that will become uncompetitive in the market. Without market patronage or support from customers and consumers, a business venture will eventually collapse. Sound management of businesses, thus, necessitate that a certain amount of the budget be allocated to salary increases. Most employees` concern then would be how to get their slice from that budget pie.

One surefire way to get a crack at a salary raise is to prove emphatically one`s worth to the organization he or she is working for. Those whose services become indispensable to an organization are likely to be the first to be considered for a salary increase no matter what the business conditions are. It many not be that easy, but providing the services that no one else in an organizational unit can do is quite possible. Employees who are usually considered for salary increase or promotion are those that go out of their way to have additional training and specialization or those who would walk that extra mile in order to get jobs done in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

A salary raise also goes to those employees who rise above the rest in terms of innovations that can boost productivity and profitability. These are the people who think out of the box and focus on new ways of doing things to contribute to the growth of the company`s business. They are vocal during production meetings and are not averse at taking risks about their ideas for the betterment of an enterprise. They are the true professionals who not only leave the comfort zone of the routine but also rise above the petty office politics that can jeopardize smooth business operations.

Having all these qualities and parlaying them to the benefit of an organization, however, will not ensure a salary raise. The exact impact of what has been accomplished for the business has to be established and documented. Without proper documentation, an employee might not be given the credit due and the opportunity for a merit increase lost, which particularly happens in a labyrinthine corporate structure. Of utmost importance for an employee, therefore, is to undergo a periodic performance appraisal. Through this mechanism, whatever achievements an employee has contributed to the business will be duly recorded.

Such records will be valuable inputs when negotiating for a salary raise, an exercise that requires much preparation. Planning a negotiation on merit-based wage increase needs to be a meticulous process. It will require specific methods and tools to assemble a convincing presentation. Sample some of these aids by following the link below to the e-book "The Ultimate Guide to Salary Increase", a proven resource on ways by which to highlight an employee`s value in an organization.

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