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Salary Negotiation Skills

How to ask for a raise and get the salary you deserve

Salary Negotiation Skills: It`s All About Substance and Form

There`s no doubt about it. There are high stakes involved when negotiating a job offer or undergoing a job performance review. You got to have excellent salary negotiation skills in order to get the most out of these meetings with an employer. Such talks will be crucial for those who are negotiating a starting pay. If you are able to secure with an employer a monthly salary substantially higher than the minimum wage, this can go a long way in jump-starting your career. You will have a higher and more stable platform as basis for future pay raises and a means to cope with the continuously rising cost of living. Bagging a lucrative employment contract in an entry-level job will be a great morale booster, a firm indication that one is on the right career path towards a fruitful and bright future.

Salary negotiation skills involve a lot of practice in verbal communication. Therefore, it is in negotiating job offers or merit increases where you can employ whatever you`ve learned from speech class in school. The experience you may have had as a student debater or leader will likewise come in handy in these negotiations. Even such extra-curricular pursuits as theatrical performances can effectively mold one into a good negotiator. So with other leisurely activities outside of the academe, like karaoke singing wherein one vocalizes thoughts and ideas through the lyrics of a song. Subjects at finishing schools covering such subjects as speech and diction will likewise be helpful in negotiating either a starting pay or a raise in salary. Any or all of these factors can immensely give the winning form to your salary negotiation.

Form alone, however, won`t be quite enough to win an attractive starting salary or a high raise in pay. Your salary negotiation skills should also include convincing communication messages, the substance which can help sway an employer to give you the best deal in a salary negotiation. This means that you will have to first acquire a sound knowledge of the compensation levels within your career or profession. In short, you will need to know how much you`re skills and expertise is truly worth. Gather statistical data and other information, such as cost of living indexes, from career counseling websites or the government`s labor bodies. These research materials will serve as your inputs for the strategies and communication messages that will go into your salary negotiation with an employer.

What you will next need to do is effectively combine both form and substance for your salary negotiation skills to work to your advantage. An e-book, "The Ultimate Guide to Salary Increase", will be one helpful resource on how to combine form and substance in a pay negotiation. This e-book will show you how to craft astute but diplomatic strategies and communication messages conveying emphatic salary presentations. It can guide you on how to gather the inputs for pay negotiations as well as on how to package a salary presentation that perfectly combines both substance and form.

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