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Salary Negotiation Letter

How to ask for a raise and get the salary you deserve

Do You Need a Salary Negotiation Letter?

There are several steps or processes involved in seeking an increase in pay from an employment. The most logical initial move is having a meeting scheduled between an employee and his or her superior wherein the topic of remuneration can be the main topic or an offshoot of the discussion. There are periodic appraisals of employee performance in most companies which are the usual occasions by which salary adjustments are discussed. A salary negotiation letter may not be necessary at all. A face-to-face meeting is the conventional communication vehicle involved to discuss job performance and any adjustment in remuneration.

While there may be no need to write a salary negotiation letter, an employee will also have to do some pencil-pushing for an effective presentation in negotiating for a pay raise. An employee must document his or her job accomplishments as thoroughly as possible. Communication strategies that should emphasize an employee`s strengths and potentials likewise need to be outlined as a roadmap in a bid for a merit increase. Statistics on salary scales that can form as basis for a pay increase may also be compiled as culled from various sources like the Bureau of Labor Statistics, business chambers and industry organizations.

Employers or their representatives such as managers and supervisors, of course, can ask for a salary negotiation letter. Nonetheless, they would be more interested in a clear documentation of what an employee has contributed to a business objective for a certain period of time. In most big companies, there is a performance appraisal form that needs to be filled up prior to the discussion and any subsequent merit increase negotiation. Focusing on the preparation of such documents naturally should be an employee`s priority concern instead of a letter or e-mail on pay raise. Such communication tools can be prepared later if so needed or required.

If a salary negotiation letter is so requested, it is best to prepare only a one-page document. It should be borne in mind that the managers or supervisors who will read the letter are busy executives who have to manage their time well. What they will appreciate most is a letter that is direct to the point and summarizes the important points on why an employee deserves an increase in salary. This letter can form as the basis for discussion in a face-to-face negotiation. Truly, it is very unlikely that a letter alone will suffice to successfully clinch a salary increase. There has to be a meeting between an employee and his or her superior; that`s how the effective managers work.

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