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Salary Letter

How to ask for a raise and get the salary you deserve

Writing Salary Letter Made Easy

Not all people can write well, and thus, many find it difficult responding to job ad postings which require a letter of response specifying salary expectations, plus the de rigueur resume asked from applicants. Preparing a personal bio-data and work resume may even be problematic for some, and much more so writing a salary letter to a prospective employer.

To seek a solution to such problems, some would enlist the help of relatives or friends more adept at writing. Others who are in a real need to immediately answer an advertisement will contract the services of professional writers. There are many internet portals wherein professional writing services are offered not only for writing letters but also for resumes. Contracting these service providers, however, can be expensive and may be time-consuming. Professional writers charge higher for rush jobs, and the salary letter output may not at all be satisfactory. A client may need to send back the draft letter for some revision which would take time, possibly delaying response to a job ad.

Other internet resources provide solutions to drafting application letters and resumes. There are many career websites which provide pointers on responding to job postings in writing. Expert advice that can be found at these websites cover many other issues involved in applying for employment. Some point out that it is advisable not to include salary expectations in a letter of application or a resume, unless the job posting specifies otherwise. Applicants should write a salary letter only if the employer requires such detailed communication. In order to make a good first impression, applicants need to follow such directions. Failure to comply on such initial requirement diminishes the chances of an applicant being hired.

Actually, including salary expectations in a letter or resume need not be an immediate concern for job applicants. Foremost to their job application is gathering sufficient background information on the job they are applying for, such as the compensation levels prevailing in their field or profession which can be an input to a salary letter. Much of the needed information can also be accessed from the internet. Access sites of government labor bodies like the Bureau of Labor Statistics which compiles per-industry employment data. There are also career websites which provide corresponding salary levels among different industries and professions. At these websites, many tools can also be accessed to make the preparation of communication materials to employers easier.

Take a tour, for instance, of the link to the e-book "The Ultimate Guide to Salary Increase" at the bottom of this page. This resource goes beyond the preparation of a salary letter. It explores the gambits at the negotiating table that can push an employer to be more receptive on salary negotiation. Additionally, it contains various templates for letters and other communication tools that will pave the way for a faster and successful salary discussion. Through its salary calculators, this e-book can provide an accurate reading of an employment`s true worth, one key indicator needed by those who want to get the most out of being employed.

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