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Salary Increment Letter

How to ask for a raise and get the salary you deserve

When Salary Increment Letter is Needed

Think twice before writing that salary increment letter. You should take into consideration that this letter is but one of the many tools in negotiating a possible increase in pay. Employing this communication tool requires a certain craft and should be complementary with other devices used in the effective negotiation of salary adjustments. In other words, writing a letter is but a part of an overall master plan designed to convince an employer on the merits of granting you a pay raise. Other important things need to be done to support what is contained in the letter. Every tool that goes into the salary negotiation plan must jibe with each other for better chances of success. The timing in the deployment of such tools should also be carefully executed.

Prior to preparing a salary increment letter, solid negotiation strategies must already be in place. All the communication messages and tools have to be first determined. Arguing one`s case for a salary adjustment is best handled through a face-to-face meeting. The letter can perhaps come in later to summarize areas of agreement. It is the areas for discussion that will be important at the outset. You must clearly establish your areas of strengths and weaknesses which will for sure crop up in the negotiation for a raise in pay. Knowing what these areas are will enable crafting the right strategies and packaging your communication messages in the best way possible. Strengths at the workplace can be highlighted while weaknesses can be addressed in a more positive manner.

Once you have laid the framework for negotiating an adjustment in pay, the contents of the salary increment letter will flow naturally. It will have a more solid basis as the salient points in a pay negotiation have been identified and each concern or issue have been addressed. This letter can be your opening pitch for a salary increase, seeking a personal meeting with the manager or employer. Make it a point, however, to limit the letter`s contents to generalities, such as citing some accomplishments or projects that you think merit an increase in pay. Mention no specific dollar amount or percent increase in the letter yet. For sure, you can expect some negotiation personally which is the more opportune time to discuss the amount of pay raise. Be very patient in the negotiating table, and prepare to make counter-proposals on any management offer or position taken.

It is but natural that most employers would want to grant the minimum amount of raise. They want to control costs as much as possible to improve business profitability. Seek alternatives and negotiate for other benefits that can be equated eventually with financial gains on your part. Such can include additional vacation leaves with pay or health care benefit extension for some family members. Be sure to include such a non-economic benefit option in the salary increment letter once an agreement with an employer has already been reached. Definitely, there`s a long list of things to be done in negotiating a pay raise. For a detailed action plan, try the e-book "The Ultimate Guide to Salary Increase". Follow this e-book`s link below for a comprehensive sampling of those tools which are vital to negotiating your salary adjustment.

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