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Salary Increases

How to ask for a raise and get the salary you deserve

Get the Salary Increases You Want

This is a fact. You will rarely encounter a benevolent employer who will give salary increases that easy; more so if your employer is a big company. A corporate setup can often be an impersonal world to devote a career in. Within the bureaucracy of a corporation, there is the possibility of just being a tiny cog amid a complex of bigger wheels. It will take some doing in order to beat such a system, particularly if you are new or is a prospective hire of a company. Among other things, you may have to first deal with office politics, be familiar with the pecking order within your department, and recognize who the old-timers are in order to establish your rapport with the members of the work unit.

You will need a solid grounding on a company`s policies to place you in a better position to get salary increases. The best way to do this is during the final job interview. Learn as much as possible about the company`s rules and regulations regarding merit increases and pay adjustments. Most companies would have annual performance reviews which serve as the bases for a pay raise for its employees. Be sure to be well-oriented on how these reviews are conducted, so that you can focus on the measures used in the performance of your job functions. Do not assume that just by doing your job well, a substantial pay increase awaits you at the end of the appraisal period. Ensure that you are given credit for outstanding job performance.

Be wary of those who are credit-grabbers at the workplace. By all means, don`t allow them to get salary increases at your expense. Have a well-documented record of your work achievements. Commendation letters from supervisors you may have worked with outside of your department are excellent records to keep for the next performance review. The same goes for letters of appreciation which you may receive from satisfied clients or customers. Such records will be valuable when you negotiate with your manager or boss for a raise in pay. Of course, the key to having those commendations and letters would be to perform your functions in an excellent manner. You must know what your job is and do it well. A mediocre performance is unlikely to stand out especially in a corporate setting. You have to stand out among your peers to get a substantial raise.

It will also of great advantage to be well-informed on the salary increases that a company is periodically inclined to grant to its employees. The percentage of pay adjustments can vary depending on the economic conditions and profitability of a company. Keep yourself updated on the business environment and your company`s profitability. If the business conditions are good and the company is turning in a good profit, you can negotiate for a higher salary increase. Learn the best pitch to deliver during negotiations for a raise. Try this e-book, "The Ultimate Guide to Salary Increase" which contains a collection of raise requests that have yielded success for many of its readers.

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