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Salary Increase Letters

How to ask for a raise and get the salary you deserve

When to Write Salary Increase Letters

It would be a mistake to think that getting a raise or an attractive starting pay can be achieved exclusively through some salary increase letters. No matter how good you are at writing, a simple letter will not likely be enough to convince an employer to grant an increase or a substantial hiring salary. Simply put, there are certain limits to communication that cannot be hurdled by writing a letter alone. What it could serve is as a gateway or portal for further communication or negotiation. This in essence makes writing a salary letter but a mere part of a bigger plan to negotiate a raise or starting pay. The letter which you will write needs to be in synch with the other communication tools at work in the negotiation process, such as job interviews or performance appraisals.

Hence even before going through drafts or samples of salary increase letters, you should collate information on the salary range or rate of increase justifiable for the position you`re being considered or is currently holding. Such inputs will not only be valuable to arm you well at the negotiation table but also come into play if and when writing a salary letter is necessary. Writing a letter may only be necessary to reiterate your stand or confirm whatever has been agreed upon during the job interview or performance appraisal. Also in many cases, it is the employer who will send you a letter which finalizes the job agreement or salary increase. What you can send in this case would be a confirmatory or letter of gratitude for the successful conclusion of the pay negotiation.

You will need to consider salary increase letters also when presenting counterproposals which you didn`t present personally in a face-to-face meeting. In most pay negotiations, particular those for starting salary, it would be wise to allow some time before deciding on an offered salary. If you think that you deserve more, then you can express so in a letter that should justify in detail the reasons why your qualifications have a higher price tag in the job market.

In writing salary increase letters, career experts generally suggest having from three to five points of emphasis to keep the attention of the readers. Limiting the letter to one page is also an advantage. Be concise and develop your salary in the form of a readable executive summary with bullet points of the salient messages. You`ll have a better chance of gaining communication headway with such a letter.

You can capture more of the finer points not only in preparing salary increase letters but also in negotiating job compensation through a popular e-book, "The Ultimate Guide to a Salary Increase". For letter-writing, this e-book has a dozen templates that were developed from more than 20 years of experience in negotiating salaries in different work situations. Likewise valuable negotiating tools are its tips on how to package and highlight the job accomplishments or qualification which can convince employers that you are a company asset worth motivating through a higher pay.

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