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Power Negotiating

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Sources of Strength in Power Negotiating

This you cannot deny. Everybody wants to succeed in negotiations and get the better part of a deal. Being good at negotiating is one of the pathways to success in everything we do and is crucial for making a decent living. We just can`t go through life without negotiating. Nearly all the things we do everyday have to be undergo a negotiation or another. It could be informal as those we encounter among our family members. There are more formal situations in negotiation at our workplace and as we do business with others. To be successful negotiators at all these instances, experts believe that what needs to be done is to start from a position of strength. We have to establish and obtain strong leverage points to gear ourselves up for power negotiating.

There are many sources of power to boost our leverage in negotiating. Confidence is one wellspring from which power and success at negotiations emanates. The more confident we feel, the better our chances of succeeding in getting what we want in a transaction. Confidence can be built primarily through preparation prior to negotiating. At home, preparing to negotiate is almost always done away with as all household members already have their own marching orders based on familial bonds. Preparation for power negotiating is essentially the way to go as we deal with situations outside our homes. The negotiation process becomes more complicated and sources of strengths from both sides of the negotiating parties have to be recognized and analyzed.

Power through preparation can be derived by first obtaining the right information and then effectively parlaying such information during the negotiation. Those who possess a better reading of the factors that can influence the outcome of a negotiation will have the advantage over the other negotiating party. Through a better understanding of what such factors are, the objectives and an effective strategy at the negotiating table can be formulated. Power negotiating does not mean though that there hard and fast objectives and strategies are to be adopted in all negotiations. There are instances when these objectives and strategies have to be flexible and calibrated depending on the sources of strength possessed by the other negotiating entity. In such cases, flexibility can be a source of strength in a negotiation for the benefit of both parties. A win-win solution oftentimes will be the best negotiation approach particularly if there is a deadlock with the two parties having equal strength at the negotiating table.

More situational strategies at power negotiating can be derived from the e-book "The Ultimate Guide to Salary Increase" whose link appears below. It is a reference material that also details the many ways on how to prepare for a negotiation. While it specifically addresses the needs of employees seeking a pay raise, the tools that the e-book provides can also be used as templates for other negotiation situations. It contains useful pointers on how to gather the information that could serve as leverage points in negotiations, as well as case studies and worksheets on preparing for a negotiation.

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