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Negotiation Tactics

How to ask for a raise and get the salary you deserve

Negotiation Tactics that Works

Everyday of our lives we go through a negotiation in one form or another. The most common, of course, are in those situations at home. Members of a household will usually negotiate on who`ll handle or be assigned to specific chores. Essentially, these are only informal negotiations and the process proceeds without much ado at all. With just a few exchanges of words, for example, some menial task assignment may be settled. Usually, what happens is a quid pro quo arrangement. In simple terms, it`s a "scratch-my-back-and-I-scratch-yours" situation -- you take out the thrash and I mow the lawn. There is no real need to apply any serious negotiation tactics at all. Only personal feeling or pure emotion may be the only primary factors at play in the negotiation.

Things, however, are markedly different when it comes to formal negotiations involving business matters such as negotiating salary, buying a car or selling merchandise. There are many variable factors at play in these situations, and hence, somebody with the superior negotiation tactics would be better off than those who don`t.

To get the most out of a negotiation, it would be an advantage to have a reading of the factors at play during the process of discussion at the bargaining table. An understanding of these factors beforehand will allow the formulation of an objective that may also be acceptable to the other party in the negotiations. In addition, there must also be a clear idea on the goals of the other negotiating side, and some perception on the negotiation tactics that they too employ. The areas of agreement can then be readily identified and a possible meeting of the mind can be easily arrived at.

In the final analysis, the art of negotiating is not about losing or winning, whether it is in formal or informal negotiation. The best negotiation tactics are those that are able to contribute to building better relationships. In business and in the home, the result of a negotiation should ideally result in a win-win situation. Winning in a negotiation but placing the other party at a great advantage in the long run could become unproductive. In the workplace, for instance, a labor union which may have lost vital economic demands in a negotiations collective bargaining agreement can result in unproductive manpower. Vice-versa, an agreement heavily favored for labor can cause the collapse of a business due to loss of profitability.

A better understanding of the mechanics at play in particular for employee compensation can be achieved through an e-book accessible through the link below this page. This e-book, "The Ultimate Guide to Salary Increase", contains comprehensive guidelines on the negotiation tactics that positively addresses the variable factors encountered in seeking pay adjustments from employers. It provides many strategies by which a salary increase can be achieved without upsetting the harmonious relationships between labor and management. This resource also explores various alternatives in case of a stand-off on some issues on employee compensation, options that can allow a meeting of the minds in the parties to the negotiation.

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