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Negotiation Skill

How to ask for a raise and get the salary you deserve

ABCs of Negotiation Skill Development

Everyday we practice a negotiation skill in one form or another without even realizing it. Such happens particularly at home. We often negotiate with members of the household on which program to watch on TV or what kind of food should go into the day`s menu. These are day-to-day things wherein negotiations take place as a matter of course. Not much thought or consideration is involved as the parties involved within the family already interact on the same level of experience. Arrangements can be dealt with dispatch. The parties involved are kin and generally play on the same yardstick. Negotiations are very simple and may even go on involuntarily.

The application of a negotiation skill, however, changes drastically when there are outside parties involved. The rules wherein the negotiators operate become more complicated and varied. Tactics may also change as the talks progress at the bargaining table. There are negotiators who will take the moral high ground and bat for a "win-win" solution. Dealing with this type of negotiator can be a very endearing experience. The person you are dealing with will be thinking of settling for an equal sharing of benefits from the negotiation. Negotiating under such an equal-sharing ground rule usually yield fast results and lay the ground for harmonious, long-term relationships.

Practicing your negotiation skill will be put to a real test when the other party is unable to think win-win. Some negotiators, by their nature, always think of getting the better end of a deal. Or circumstances dictate that the adoption of a tabled proposal is a mandate that the negotiator has to follow. Such instances are often the case when negotiating business deals and salary increases. The parties involved already have their own specific objectives or goals. Specific areas that may be negotiable have been identified along with those that are non-negotiable. It is in this situation that tactics at negotiation becomes very important.

Applying a negotiation skill to the hilt would require that you have a clear reading of the party you`re dealing with. Ask yourself what is the rule book that is being followed or is at play? You can approach the negotiating table with a win-win outlook. This stance can facilitate quick and amiable results in the negotiation. Nonetheless, be prepared likewise to be flexible when the opposing party appears to be negotiating from another plane. In negotiating for salary adjustment, for instance, be ready with your accomplishment reports, know the prevailing pay standards in the industry, and check if what you`re getting is just and commensurate with those being received by your peers.

You can further sharpen the application of your negotiation skill through an e-book titled "The Ultimate Guide to Salary Increase". This e-book, which can be sourced from the link below, provides in much detail how to be successful in the pay bargaining with employers. It has a rich lode of basic techniques that can help you craft communication strategies useful not only for negotiating pay raise but also in other business-oriented negotiations.

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