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Negotiation Salary

How to ask for a raise and get the salary you deserve

Best Approaches to a Negotiation Salary Offer

Many job applicants are wont to think that they`ve got a done deal once an employer offers them the position they have applied for. They are very likely to just jump in into the job opportunity and rush into accepting the salary that an employer has quoted along with the job offer. This situation often happens especially today with the tight labor market where there are relatively few vacancies because of the present economic difficulties. But even under these tough conditions, job candidates should not hesitate to negotiate their compensation with a prospective employer. In most instances, an employer would expect a negotiation salary counter-offer. The employer may even use this presentation of a counter-proposal to further gauge a prospective hire on his or her assertiveness, one strong indication of employee potential for career growth and advancement within an organization.

So if you find yourself in this situation, do not shy away from tackling a salary proposal from an employer and just accept what has been presented on a job offer interview. You can still win some cookie points through your own negotiation salary offer, and the good thing is that you can effectively negotiate without rocking the boat, so to speak, and risk upsetting a prospective employer. First of all, you have to be diplomatic in approach and focus on basic grounds for agreement, among which are the specific functions of the position being filled up. In our age of information, some price tag has already been placed in just about every position or work function.

Be resourceful and find out how much is being paid for your expertise or skills in the employment market. Employers generally know already the going rates and what they will propose to applicants can still be considered as negotiation salary offers that may still be increased one way or another. Hence, once you receive a job offer, it would be to your advantage to also know what the prevailing salary levels are. You can still negotiate for a higher rate depending on your work skills or push for added perks or job benefits.

Research on salary scales won`t take too much of your time. This can be done conveniently through the internet by accessing the website of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics which contains a vast database of compensation levels in various businesses and industries. You can also gather information from the portals of career counselors which have devices to estimate pay scales wherein such criteria as location, experience and job title are factored in. The salary data gathered are important inputs to approach any negotiation salary offer.

With enough information, you can even do your own wage calculation for a negotiation salary counter-proposal. Click on the link below for the website of the e-book "The Ultimate Guide to Salary Increase", a rich resource for salary negotiation tips and tools. Among the devices accessible in this e-book are several types of salary calculators that are adaptable to any job negotiation situation and are of great value to the job candidates wanting to establish their true worth.

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