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Negotiating Skills

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How Negotiating Skills are Developed

There is no escaping it. We need to negotiate everyday, and developing negotiating skills is important to achieve some greater goals or dreams in life. Some have that innate ability to negotiate very well at every situation. These lucky fellows have good intuitive abilities, the gift of gab that can even sell ice cubes to the Alaskans. For many lesser mortals, however, the art of negotiation is a skill that needs to be grown and nurtured.

While it is true that many have the natural gift for effective negotiations, negotiating skills can be developed and effectively harnessed. Any normal human being can be a master in the art of negotiation. What is first important is to establish some foundations that will allow for those skills to develop and undergo continual improvement. Mastery of a language, of course, would be most important, and so with reading the right literature and acquiring some writing skills. Those who have had speech lessons would likewise have a great advantage in improving negotiating skills.

These vital foundations need to be developed because we simply cannot go through life without exercising our negotiating skills. Such skills need to be at play when going through education, seeking a mate, applying for employment, and the myriads of other situations encountered everyday of our lives. Without being effective at negotiations, it will be quite difficult to establish long lasting relationships. Long-term bonds, after all, are based on mutually beneficial conditions. It would be very difficult for a relationship to last if only one party totally benefits from it. The sharing more or less has to be equal.

There are many benefits that may be achieved through improved negotiating skills. But these skills can only be put to effective use with a thorough knowledge of the elements that go into the negotiation process. First, there has to be an appreciation of the fact that negotiations involve considerable amount of preparation. One needs to be adequately prepared to tackle all the issues that are tabled as the agenda for a negotiation. Ample information will be needed in the ensuing elements of the negotiation which are the exchange of information between the negotiating parties and the bargaining process that follows. Lastly, an effective negotiator will also need to consider the commitment which will be the end-result of the negotiation. Both parties need to commit themselves to follow what has been agreed upon in the negotiation; otherwise, the whole exercise is only a waste of resources and time.

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