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Negotiating Salary Offer

How to ask for a raise and get the salary you deserve

DIY methods in Negotiating Salary Offer

Many consultants earn their keep by coaching job applicants and employees on negotiating salary offer whether for a raise or as starting pay. But there may be no need to hire such a career coach for you can learn how to effectively negotiate job compensation by yourself. This may not be easy at first but personally fulfilling in the end especially for the avid disciples of the do-it-yourself (DIY).

There are many techniques and strategies which can be adapted by a self-coached negotiator. One way is to approach a job offer or performance appraisal with enthusiasm, show the employer your drive and dynamism in the functions of the position you`ve applied for or is currently holding. Demonstrate how your expertise or skills perfectly match the execution of those functions, as well as your potentials to contribute more to the organization. Align yourself with the expressed vision and mission of the company or employer as well as with its norms and values. This way you will be perceived as a vital component in an organization who can contribute to its business objectives.

An enthusiastic approach in negotiating salary offer, however, doesn`t extend when it comes to the discussion of the actual job compensation. You shouldn`t be overly eager and reveal the salary or raise that you want. Let the employer have the initiative of making the offer, and take some time to pause after hearing the pay proposition. Express neither disinterest nor enthusiasm to the proposal, but be poker-faced and show that you are being analytical. Demonstrate to the max that you are as knowledgeable as the employer in terms of job pay levels and cost of living parameters and the other essential components that go into determining salary scales or pay adjustments.

As a DIY negotiator, you can now easily access this type of information through the internet. In addition to online government resources such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are various other websites providing comparative salary surveys and studies. Having the necessary information from these resources will enable you to be more assertive on the amount of salary or raise to ask from an employer. You will be as well-informed as an employer, demonstrating in effect that you have the initiative and drive which are desirable not only in negotiating salary offer but also in the execution of the day-to-day functions of your job.

By doing so, you`ve hit two birds in one stone. You have shown not only a dexterity in pay negotiation but also a skill that is valuable at the workplace. There are many more clever DIY strategies in negotiating salary offer. One good source is the e-book "The Ultimate Guide to Salary Increase" which has collated a treasure trove of salary pitches which have shown their effectiveness in varying work environments. This e-book also provides many useful tools to collate the information needed to develop the strategies that fit specific negotiation situations. Follow the link below for this reference material that should be a complete DIY kit for salary negotiation.

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