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Negotiating Pay

How to ask for a raise and get the salary you deserve

Negotiating Pay the Effective Way

There are those who view negotiating pay as a problem either for a starting salary or for an increase. This line of thinking may not be the best approach, however. The frame of mind at approaching this negotiation should ideally be its opposite. An opportunity should be the paradigm for a salary negotiation at its outset. Positive thinking needs to be the viewpoint for an employee or prospective hire to achieve gains in a salary negotiation. To be able to think positively, however, there has to be self-confidence that the person involved shall be able to meet the challenges that accompany an opportunity in the negotiation for a substantial starting pay or salary increase.

One way of building confidence in negotiating pay for an entry-level position is to have several job-offer options to choose from. Filing multiple job applications is now very easy as compared to previous years where an applicant has to go office-hopping to fill up application forms. Job hunting can now be done conveniently online; in fact, most employers now prefer receiving online applications which makes applicant screening quicker and easier. To be able to apply online, all that is needed is an e-mail address to register for free in a job finder`s website. With free registration, an individual can also have multiple memberships in online job portals, which is advantageous for a wider choice of vacant positions. Pro-forma bio-data or resumes are provided at these websites along with vacancies posted and indexed according to career specialization or profession.
Matching an applicant`s skills and expertise, hence, is easy and an application can be filed readily. At most job websites, there is also an option to write a personalized letter of application to accompany the applicant`s resume.

These job websites are likewise potent tools for those negotiating pay with a current employer. Maintaining a membership at these websites will enable active employees to keep track of the job market and explore possible greener pastures. The comparative information that may be found at job finders` websites, such as industry salary scales, can be used as leverage in negotiating a salary increase. Job opportunities offering higher compensation can likewise be availed of as an option to move on if an employee finds his or her current employment heading towards a dead end.

The confidence that has been built in having several job or career options, however, needs to be tempered with a tactful strategy when already negotiating pay with an employer. Having the confidence doesn`t mean being too aggressive and burning one`s bridges with an employer in a negotiation. An e-book, "The Ultimate Guide to Salary Increase", shows exactly how to assert confidence in a salary negotiation. This e-book contains some negotiating tactics to subtly indicate that an employee or prospective hire has a wide field of choice for job placement and career advancement. It shows likewise how to maneuver out of tricky negotiation situations and avoid alienating an employer whose influence and respect needs to be maintained for a truly effective way of negotiating.

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