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Negotiating Job Offer

How to ask for a raise and get the salary you deserve

Roadmap to Negotiating Job Offer

Preparation is an extremely important step in negotiating job offer from a prospective employer. The result of the negotiation will affect not only an individual but also a family who may depend on him or her in the future. One`s career development and professional fulfillment are likewise at stake in such a negotiation. In relation to this, it must be clear from the very start to firmly establish what one really wants from the employment being considered. Will it be just a stepping stone to other more lucrative jobs? Or, is it a long-term proposition, wherein one intends to remain till retirement? Having some appreciation, if not outright answers, on these questions would be very helpful as a job applicant goes through the process of recruitment in a company or business enterprise.

Somebody negotiating job offer from a potential employer should also be conscious of the timing involved for the whole exercise. It must be borne in mind that the employer has the initiative in a job offer. The ball only falls on an applicant`s side of the court when an actual offer for employment is made. Do not presume that a call for interview necessarily means a job offer; it may just be a part of a screening process for applicants. The most ideal thing to have is a written job offer, upon which the job applicant can negotiate from a position of strength. He or she can then ask for further information about the compensation package including the salary levels for the position and corresponding benefits that may be received.

The principle of mutual respect is another important consideration when negotiating job offer opportunities. One must avoid negotiations if he or she doesn`t really intend to pursue the job application. The whole process of negotiating will be an utter waste of time for both parties if an applicant isn`t really serious about his or her application. Likewise, rushing into last-minute negotiations should be avoided. This will adversely affect an applicant`s capability to prepare well in the negotiation, and miss out on the important inputs that can bring a favorable deal. These details include comparative pay levels which need to be gathered and analyzed for an educated counter-offer to an employer`s compensation package.

Some time will need to be expended in order to research for this information. Among an applicant`s best source of background data for negotiating job offer would be government entities like the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For quicker results, the website of such agencies can be accessed for salary levels for specific job listings. There are also online career websites which offer free salary surveys that can indicate how much to ask from an employer. One drawback, however, on the information that could be gleaned from these sites is that one can only obtain ball park figures. To support such information, one may need to do some sleuthing on a company`s actual compensation package. An e-book "The Ultimate Guide to Salary Increase", provides some tactics on some clever ways to ferret out information on a company`s pay scale. Follow the link below for this e-book that can serve as a road map in negotiating job offer.

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