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Negotiating A Salary

How to ask for a raise and get the salary you deserve

To-Do List in Negotiating a Salary

You may think that you already have a foot inside the door of a company after being called for a job interview. However, this isn`t necessarily so. Your curriculum vitae or resume might have impressed the recruitment personnel at the human resources department. You might have passed with flying colors a battery of IQ or aptitude exams and other tests, but you still got to prove your mettle in negotiating a salary.

Salary negotiation is an entirely different kind of ball game from the screening process a job applicant goes through. Negotiating a salary is unlike writing an application letter wherein you can have several drafts to work the pitch for a job to a certain degree of perfection. Career advisors are one in saying that a letter alone will not sufficient to effectively discuss compensation matters. There`s got to be a face-to-face meeting between the employee and the employer. A salary letter may indeed be sent by either parties, but still the exact terms of a compensation package have to be settled in a personal meeting which could be a key to getting the maximum salary from a job offer.

Having a checklist will be immensely helpful in negotiating a salary whether it is with a prospective employer or a current one for a raise. First on this list would be a research on the prevailing market value for the job you have applied for. The more current your information is the better are your chances of a well-negotiated job compensation. Salary scales can change over time as a result of adjustments for inflation. You need to constantly update yourself on such changes, and the best way to go about this is through research. Make it a point to create your own pay scale profile and keep this always updated. Inputs for this profile can be accessed from websites of government bodies like the Bureau of Labor Statistics and from private organizations such as industry associations or career advisors` online facilities.

Another important checklist entry in negotiating a salary is the options on benefits and other perks that a company can offer. Inquire on the additional benefits in a company`s compensation package even prior to a job interview. Get acquainted with some employees of the company and discreetly ask about its general policies which could lead to talk on salaries. A company`s website or employee publication may also provide some important leads on what employee benefits. Such perks as transportation allowance or even some free coffee, can substantially increase your take-home pay.

You shouldn`t also forget to discuss in negotiating a salary the performance appraisal system in a company. This will be the basis not only for future salary increases but also for career advancement. To tool yourself up further on salary negotiation techniques, refer to the e-book "The Ultimate Guide to Salary Increase". This e-book contains some of the most effective steps to follow in salary negotiations, including those needed for that crucial personal meeting with the boss.

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