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Job Offer Negotiation

How to ask for a raise and get the salary you deserve

Get the Most from Job Offer Negotiation

Patience is one virtue that those who want to get the most out of a job offer negotiation should have. A lot of preparation is needed before a job applicant should talk about the exact starting salary of the position being applied for. One of the most important things to first determine is the going rate for that particular job in the labor market. Adequate research is needed in order to have a clear reading of how much is reasonable and realistic to expect and ask from an employer. The needed information may be accessed from several sources. One is from government labor bodies such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This particular agency compiles a large body of information on the employment situation for various professions. Another potential information source is the salary surveys conducted by private industry associations. Most of these government bodies and private groups maintain websites, so accessing data from them would be relatively convenient.

It is only once a firm indicator of the salary level has been established that an applicant can consider himself or herself ready for a job interview. Nonetheless, timing is essential in bringing up compensation during the interview. Career counselors generally agree that an applicant should give the initiative to the employer with regards to salary in a job offer negotiation. It is also advisable for an applicant to try to defer talks on compensation near the end of the negotiation. This will allow more time for discussing the functions and responsibilities of the job, providing an applicant with some additional inputs on how much to ask as a starting salary. If an employer brings up salary early on the discussion, what an employee can say is that his or her rate is negotiable depending on the position`s function and the entire company compensation policy.

The negotiation strategy in a job offer negotiation is essentially the same when asking for a salary raise. There has to be prior research on the going rate in the industry in order to establish how much to ask for a raise. An employee seeking for a salary increase should likewise review his or her functions and determine how these have contributed to a company`s business operations. The more accomplishments an employee has and the better are the chances of getting a raise. Many companies enable such reviews through periodic performance appraisals, occasions which need adequate preparation.

As in a job offer negotiation, it is vital that in the discussion for a salary increase, the talk on percentage adjustment should be brought up towards the end of the discussion. Doing so will enable an employee to present all justifications for an increase and pursue some other avenues by which to gain additional compensation benefits should an outright raise looms to be as only incremental. Explore the various possibilities in a salary negotiation and how to address each through the e-book "The Ultimate Guide to Salary Increase". This e-book provides a complete road map complete with methods and tools that will help applicants and employees navigate negotiations in compensation packages.

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