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Increase Your Salary

How to ask for a raise and get the salary you deserve

Increase Your Salary Sure and Easy

Like most people these days, a raise is likely to be top of mind for you with the coming holidays. Bills will be piling up for sure and a plan to increase your salary would be a neat scheme that can complement preparation of your budget for the holiday season as well as the incoming year. Of course, you will need a surefire plan to seek for a raise in order to project with some degree of accuracy the amount of increase to be received. Such a projection, after all, will serve as a critical input to the holiday or new year budget that you will prepare. You would want to be as accurate as possible in your projection. If the projected amount proved to be too high and didn`t materialize, your budget will be in a deficit and you will likely end up in debt or dig into whatever savings you have.

Nowadays, you need not have the training and expertise of an economist to be able to project the right figure in a plan to increase your salary. Compensation information on different industries is now widely available online from which you can have a benchmark on how much to ask from your employer. Manage your expectations, however; try to aim for the maximum percentage increase but expect your employer to bargain for a lower amount of salary adjustment. Project only the realistic amount in your budget, the raise which would be approved most likely. There is no sense in having a high budget projection which cannot be achieved in the end. Failing in this sense is not only an ego-deflating experience but could likewise result in future financial debacle.

You can also be well-leveraged in a negotiation to increase your salary if you have solid accomplishments to show at the negotiating table. Dig through your office files for documents on all the memos or letters which details your contributions to the company`s operations. Focus on those that show how well you have performed your functions, possibly with some third-party validations, such as commendations from clients or customers, as well as employees or managers outside of your department. If possible, quantify in money values such accomplishments not only in terms of contribution to the business` bottom line but also in terms of savings resulting from your successful exercise of a job function.

With all such documentation, a presentation seeking to increase your salary needs to be well-organized. By all-means, do not go to the negotiating table with your boss with a half-baked presentation. This will get you nowhere. You have to do your homework through salary calculators, worksheets and templates. There`s an e-book called "The Ultimate Guide to Salary Increase", the link to which is below this page. Try this e-book for the tools and devices which can help you prepare in a negotiation to increase your salary. It is a reference material that has been found useful by many employees who have successfully negotiated their raise the sure and easy way.

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