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Increase Your Salary With

How to ask for a raise and get the salary you deserve

Increase your Salary with Savvy Techniques

The year 2010 is less than 10 weeks away and chances are you are gearing up to increase your salary with the coming new year. An incoming year would be a most opportune time to plan in asking for raise. Psychologically, you will be starting from a clean slate, make some new year`s resolution that are job-related which can immensely contribute in getting a salary increase. One resolution that can help is to strive to be more assertive. Times may be tough for businesses these days, but this is no reason for you to get lukewarm on negotiating for a raise. Be more confident about your skills and expertise and utilize them to the hilt to contribute to the growth of your employer`s business.

This way you can seek to increase your salary with the confident thought that you are contributing your share in the workplace. Performance will be the strongest leverage you should have when negotiating for a raise. Do not confine yourself to the routine functions directly related to your job description. Explore opportunities to get additional tasks and responsibilities which can broaden the scope of your position. If your task list has been enriched by additional responsibility areas, this could be a key not only to a substantial raise but also a ticket to your promotion. However, be sure that such additional assignments have been properly documented through internal memos. If a new assignment was given verbally, write a confirming memo to your boss.

Negotiate to increase your salary with enough documentation; the negotiation process will be easier for you with the strong leverage you have in such documents on tasks, objectives and accomplishments. You and your boss can assess thoroughly the value brought in to the company by your accomplishments. There will be a stronger basis on the value you provide to the company`s business. There will be no guesswork as all the facts are available at the negotiating table. You can be assertive on your worth for a raise with the evidence of what you have done for the company.

You can also increase your salary with some degree of certainty through an accurate presentation of the pay scales in the market for your position. This information will help you gauge how much to ask for a raise and the percentage level which an employer will likely offer. You will be in a better position to negotiate and explore other options that will effectively increase your salary even if the amount you are aiming for was not granted. In such a case, you can bring up some additional perks or benefits which can be included in your compensation package.

Necessarily, you have to prepare a plan to increase your salary with some appropriate tools. Turn to the e-book, "The Ultimate Guide to Salary Increase", accessible through the link below. This reference guide contains a reservoir of devices and methods for negotiating a salary increase. The templates and worksheets contained in this e-book are savvy tools which can adequately equip you to bid for a raise for the incoming year.

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