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How To Negotiate

How to ask for a raise and get the salary you deserve

How to Negotiate Effectively

We negotiate everyday without being overly conscious about. In a household, it could be as simple as "You do the dishes, and I wipe ‘em dry` kind of exchange. There`s not much fuss or discussion on such menial matters. But when it comes to more serious business, it pays to know some of the ground rules on how to negotiate effectively. To get the most out of our lives, particularly from a career or business, we have to be adept at negotiations.

One of the basic rules involves goal-setting. A person must first establish what he or she really wants from the other party at the bargaining table. If the negotiation for instance, involves a used car in some dealers` garage, the buyer at the outset has to have a firm idea of how much to spend in such a purchase. It needs to be established likewise how much that car is really worth. Definitely, there is the used-car dealer tag price, but any astute negotiator will always make a bid for a discount or for a lower price. This is just how to negotiate wisely should go. Always keep in mind that the person opposite of the negotiations also has his or her own goals. Any talk will for sure revolve around those two goals which lead to another guidepost in negotiating.

In any negotiation, there must be a critical consideration of the objective of the other persons involved. One should look for areas where a compromise could be reached. In our example of buying a used car, a price midway between the bid and asked prices may the compromise that could be arrived at. A car buyer can also negotiate for desired accessories to be added in the deal or the seller can offer free repair service for a certain period of time. Knowing the areas wherein there could be a meeting of the minds will boost one`s ability on how to negotiate the best deal.

It goes without saying of course, that one has to be wary of spurious offers that appear to be a compromise from the other party in the negotiation. Do not be taken in by fabulous counter-offers. On the same breadth, never be intimidated by aggressive negotiating behavior. It is of utmost important to examine each detail because it`s really difficult to read minds and intentions which should be able to help on learning the best approaches on how to negotiate. This perceptive capability can be sharpened through a thorough research or study of the many facets involved in negotiating. This is an ability that would be most useful not only in haggling for bargains but also in other negotiating situations such as seeking a salary increase.

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