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How To Make More Money

How to ask for a raise and get the salary you deserve

How to Make More Money

It is an obsession that has fueled many dreams: how to make more money. For this reason, many people flock to buy lotto tickets for that one in millions of chances to hit the jackpot and have the financial resources more than enough for a lifetime. But relying on sheer luck to hit it big in games of chances isn`t the ideal way to have enough income to support one`s chosen lifestyle. More often than not the odds are just too great, and gambling has led many to the poor house. The cardinal rule for professional gamblers is to gamble only the amount they can afford to lose. In other words, indulge in the games of chance with disposable income that are reserved perhaps for pure recreational purposes.

Some take their best shot at how to make more money through investments either in the stock market or in foreign currencies. With some amount of capital, many investors can make a killing in stock and forex trading. To be able to hit it big in these investments, however, a considerable amount of experience is needed. Many online resources are now available to small investors to play the stock and currency markets on a work-from-home set up. The players or investors in these markets are usually called day traders, taking investment positions in and out everyday for a possible profit. This will take a considerable amount of savvy in tracking the price movements of stock prices and currency rates, and predicting future trends that could generate earnings from investment. By and large, such investments can also be considered also as gambling as there are too many variables that dictate stock and currency price levels. At the same time, earnings could only be marginal. True, there are those who earn their keep in these volatile markets, but there are also others who lost their shirt in these investment vehicles. As in gambling, the more astute players in these markets are those who are prepared to lose only the money that they can afford.

A more stable path on how to make more money is to generate sufficient income from employment. Income is assured through a monthly paycheck as a result of some services rendered. Stable employment is ensured if one has the right marketable skills which employers are after. The higher and more complex these skills the better or higher the pay that one can receive from employment. Hence, the choice of a career to pursue is a primary factor that determines achievable income levels. Having developed highly technical skills through college education is one passport to a high-paying job. Skills may likewise be developed through on-the-job training, but more time may be needed before one can achieve the expertise that usually command better wages.

There are further opportunities on how to make more money upon employment through regular pay increases. Refer to the link at the bottom of this page for some guaranteed formulas in negotiating for a higher salary. All these success factors are contained in a readable and affordable e-book "The Ultimate Guide to Salary Increase" which has proven its worth in creating a more stable platform in negotiations for pay adjustments.

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