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How To Ask Your Boss For A Raise

How to ask for a raise and get the salary you deserve

How to Ask Your Boss for a Raise

Are you anxious about approaching an immediate superior to discuss salary matters? Well, fret not for most people are. But much of that anxiety can be overcome if you know how to ask your boss for a raise. To be more comfortable in discussing a salary adjustment with a supervisor, it is crucial to develop good working relationship with him of her. You must know how to manage your boss. This does not mean though that you have to suck up to the boss, such as doing personal errands and menial tasks for him or her. Such will only sow office intrigue and would be counterproductive to relations with your peers in the workplace. There are better ways of massaging the boss.

You need not be a yes person to win your manager`s sympathy and be in a better position on how to ask your boss for a raise. What one career training expert suggests is to make your immediate superior look good among his or her own peers and the senior managers. When asked, provide insightful ideas and feedback to him or her on job matters so that your boss can position himself or herself as a leader in thinking. Strive to help your manager increase his or her value to the company, a potent factor for career advancement for the boss as well as for you.

However, do not be too vocal about your ideas, unless you have proven yourself as a worthy member of your team at the workplace. Likewise, behaving as a know-it-all will not contribute positively to the steps on how to ask your boss for a raise. When presenting a work problem, always be ready with a proposed solution. Be patient and build your credibility at the office or at the shop floor. Focus on your performance and do your job well. This will not only help boost your boss` image as a good manager but also strengthens your leverage in negotiating for a salary increase with your boss.

If you managed your manager well and performed on the job quite satisfactorily, you can easily develop a plan on how to ask your boss for a raise. Adequately document what you have accomplished and its positive contributions to your organization. Ensure that your documentation can also be appreciated by the managers above your superior who also have a say or influence on the amount that may be granted as a salary increase. One useful tool would be a worksheet giving in detail the accomplishments you have made, preferably including their direct impact on your company`s growth or performance.

Explore the link below to the e-book "The Ultimate Guide to Salary Increase". This publication features some well-designed tools and methods on how to ask your boss for a raise. Likewise, it provides proven strategies to get your message effectively across the bargaining table, showing how you can be assertive without appearing aggressive to your manager or supervisor. From this material, you can also glean the techniques that some of the top professionals use to gain the respect and influence crucial in getting the salary increase that you want and deserve.

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