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How To Ask For A Promotion

How to ask for a raise and get the salary you deserve

How to Ask for a Promotion Effectively

"Is my career getting nowhere?" This is the ponderous question that most employees ask themselves when they get some incremental salary increases but are bypassed in getting higher positions. A salary increase is good but an accompanying promotion is even better. An opportunity to bid for an increase in pay is also a chance to give a shot at a higher job grade level which entails added responsibilities, and therefore, more rewards in terms of benefits and remuneration. Many employees will think that the best approach on how to ask a promotion is to immediately go to their immediate supervisor, manager or boss to discuss the issue. Certainly, this is a logical step in the process of seeking a boost to one`s career; it is a proactive move to call management attention to an employee`s career path and potential for further professional growth. Modern management practices recognize the value of nurturing the potentials of human resources, making any bid for a job promotion part and parcel of business operations.

Knowledge on how to ask for a promotion should include the right information on who has the say in upgrading one`s job grade. Such authority is often vested in a supervisor. However, this may only be recommendatory, and the final decision for a promotion may be from a department manager or a human resources officer. Knowing the pecking order in an office with regards to employee career advancement would be an important input towards the pursuit of a promotion. This will enable an employee to approach the right persons and gain audience to his or her desire for career advancement. A private meeting with a supervisor or manager would be the most ideal way to bring up the subject. Timing the meeting would also be essential, the less busy the superior is the better is the opportunity to present the many factors that should influence an employee`s promotion.

The ways on how to ask for a promotion will likewise essentially hinge on a complete documentation of an employee`s job track record. It is but natural for a supervisor to be aware of the accomplishments of immediate subordinates. Nevertheless, there is still a need to submit a record of employee performance results for consideration and evaluation. Plain discussion based on memory would be less accurate. A performance analysis, after all, will need to identify those areas wherein an employee has contributed most. Such results will gauge if a promotion is warranted.

An employee, therefore, will have to carefully prepare his or her presentation materials for a meeting on a possible promotion. To manage a presentation well, those who know how to ask for a promotion use worksheets for all data inputs gathered. Some templates for these worksheets are readily available online. Follow the link below for the e-book "The Ultimate Guide to Salary Increase". This e-book contains several worksheets to prepare a presentation for a promotion. One is used in overall strategy planning and another for plotting a career outlook, both potent tools on how to ask for a promotion.

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