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How To Ask For A Pay Raise

How to ask for a raise and get the salary you deserve

How to Ask for a Pay Raise

People disagree on many things regarding employment, but there`s unanimity in everybody wanting to seek for a higher pay. It is in approaches, however, that employees can differ on how to ask for a pay raise. Some who are old-timers in their jobs would be comfortable enough to schedule a meeting with a superior or manager to discuss a salary increase. Any discussion or negotiation will most likely proceed smoothly as both parties already have tenure in their positions. In all likelihood, previous arrangements have been made regarding salary increases based on specific objectives, performance and results. The going could be relatively easy compared with the negotiations for those who are new in the company.

The first thing that a new employee should establish is the company`s policy on salary adjustments which are usually contained in a human resources handbook. In most companies, a salary review is often done on an annual basis and any increase in pay would depend on performance. It is essential, therefore, that an employee consistently delivers the results expected of him or her before even thinking of how to ask for a pay raise. The opportunity to get a salary increase becomes even greater if the results delivered exceed company expectations on the job. It would be beneficial therefore for an employee to be on the look out for those opportune times that he or she can shine in the job and prove himself or herself of being a valuable asset to the company. Delivering accomplishments for routine jobs is fine, but exceeding the desired results called for would even be better.

After having established a company`s policy on how to ask a pay raise and the performance areas that needs to be met, an employee should likewise have a clear reading of the prevailing market pay rate for his or her job which can fluctuate over a certain period of time. Monitoring these rates can now be easily done online. Labor statistics are regularly compiled and posted online by the government on the salary levels of careers or positions in various industries. Some career websites also have similar facilities, complete with salary calculators to determine the ranges that a job applicant or an employee can use in tackling the question on how to ask a pay raise.

In addition to salary calculators, other methods and tools are needed in order to effectively negotiate for a raise in pay. A bid for a salary increase needs a well-crafted presentation capturing the essential contributions that an employee has made during the period in review. There must be proper documentation to substantiate the cited performance results in a work appraisal. Documenting day-to-day execution of functions can be taxing and tedious, but a necessary exercise. Facilitate this documentation easier and faster through an online e-book - "The Ultimate Guide to Salary Increase" - the link to which can be found at the bottom of this page. This e-book contains the templates and worksheets that can be most helpful to those on a quandary on how to ask a pay raise.

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