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How to ask for a raise and get the salary you deserve

Get a Raise Sooner not Later

The opportunities to get a raise in salary for an employee are usually predetermined prior to hiring and are dictated most often by an employer`s policies on human resources. Most companies have an annual performance appraisal whose results will form the benchmarks for a salary increase. Asking for a raise in pay outside this system could prove difficult as an existing policy is already in place. Yet, there are instances when an employee may feel that he or she deserves a merit increase outside of the annual salary review. At anytime of the year, additional duties and responsibilities could be assigned to an employee that may demand more effort or working hours expended. In this situation, a request for a salary increase may indeed be justifiable.

Any attempt to get a raise sooner than an annual review will require much thinking and planning. First of all, an employee has to clearly identify the functions that are spelled out in his or her job description. These functions are usually spelled out in an employment contract and provides in details the duties and responsibilities of an employee. This contract, therefore, has to be carefully examined and reviewed by an employee wishing to accelerate an increase in pay. Some compelling reasons have to be cited to justify a request for an accelerated salary increase. An employer will surely stonewall on a pay adjustment that falls outside established policies. The trick is to identify the factors which can make an exception to such rules.

Some exemplary performance in the execution of special functions outside of a job description can be cited in order to get a raise fast. One should therefore be not queasy about accepting added work assignments which fall outside his or her job functions. It could be a golden opportunity to shine in the workplace, and raise the possibility of getting an instant merit increase or a job promotion. This chance to showcase an expanded job competency can result in being assigned to special taskforces for certain company projects. Most often, this will involve working with employees from other department or units, and provide a fertile ground for building a reputation of competency within a business organization.

Having performed well in work outside of regular job functions should boost an employee`s chances of gaining the attention of a manager or a superior who are the key persons in order to get a raise. An outstanding work performance will likewise boost the employee`s confidence in asking for a pay raise. He or she has a solid record to show, perhaps including some favorable testimonials from other managers in the company organization.

It is essential, therefore, to maintain the proper documentation of all the tasks that an employee performs whether these fall under his or her regular functions or are additional work assignments. These records are valuable tools to get a raise either through an annual performance appraisal or outside of the regular salary review. Check out the e-book "The Ultimate Guide to Salary Increase", the link to which can be found below. In this e-book are some comprehensive guides on how to highlight job accomplishments in the workplace, the strategic stepping stones to fast track a salary increase based on merits.

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