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Effective Negotiation

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Effective Negotiation Strategies You Should Know

The process involved in negotiations is oftentimes described as an art and rarely as a science. In its entirety, effective negotiation may entail the utilization of some scientific principles as each step in the process is carried out. Mathematics, an exact science, comes into play when computing the amount involved in a negotiation for instance. However, the figures that were presented at the bargaining table were arrived at through strategies which cannot be exactly defined. There are many variables in a negotiation which dictate which strategy to take. Several different strategies can be taken and produce the same results. This makes the practice of negotiation more of an art rather than a science.

Crafting effective negotiation strategies starts with a meticulous gathering of information on all factors that will likely influence the outcome of talks at the negotiating table. Through the data gathered, a negotiator will know the areas of strengths by which to leverage his or her position and the weaknesses to buttress in the negotiation. Before negotiating, it has to be ensured that all details in a proposed deal or transaction have been put together and carefully analyzed. This thorough analysis will provide the opportunity to identify the leverage points that a negotiator can employ to make the most out of the discussion. Covering each minute detail will likewise lend confidence to a negotiator, as he or she is assured that the possible areas for agreement, as well as those likely to cause conflict, have been identified and can be effectively addressed.

Many would think that effective negotiation starts with a strategy of going for the middle ground, the area wherein both parties are likely to agree based for instance on prices or exact amounts. Expert negotiators, however, believe that the wiser tack is to aim higher. This position will enable enough leeway for a compromise, and one can have the advantage of negotiating from a strong, but flexible standpoint. Some concessions can be granted later, provided that something in return is also yielded by the other negotiating party. In other words, a sound negotiation strategy always considers the win-win solutions.

It is therefore vital in executing an effective negotiation strategy to have a proactive approach in order to explore and develop opportunities that would create added value. This is only possible if a negotiator has developed his or her credibility to the other party in the negotiation. Trust has to be established between the negotiating parties so that the discussion can proceed smoothly. Without trust, there is a danger of personal issues spilling over to the negotiating issues. Sometimes this could be unavoidable if there is no sufficient trust explicit in the negotiation. Emotions will eventually come into play which will not be healthy to the successful conclusion of the negotiation.

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