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How To Ask For A Raise

How to ask for a raise and get the salary you deserve

How to Ask For a Raise

The world economy is now suffering from its worst recession since World War II. Times are so bad that many have lost their jobs. A great number of companies not only laid off employees but also had to close shop. Those firms with shrinking profits have to cut costs to improve their bottom lines. Amid these economic uncertainties, the cost of living continues to go up. Family budgets are being stretched to the limit, and credit card bills threaten to destabilize the finances of many households. In such shaky predicaments, the people who are lucky enough to remain employed need to boost their monthly take-home pay, even as employers are seeking ways to reduce their overhead. In these hard-up days, employees definitely need effective approaches and strategies on how to ask for a raise.

Anybody can ask for a raise -- Doing your homework first gets you APPROVED

Prior to approaching a superior or a boss regarding a salary increase, an employee should have a definitive communication plan. Appropriate messages have to be developed to convince managers or the human resources department that a salary hike is deserved. Under the difficult business conditions, employers would understandably pose strong resistance to a pay increase. In the case of corporations, management has to protect the interest of shareholders in these difficult times. Operating costs have to be trimmed to the minimum level so that shareholder value is not affected by the recession for share dividends to keep coming. Likewise, family-owned enterprises need to protect their continuing profitability for their businesses to remain viable. These are but some of the major hurdles which an employee needs to surmount in addition to other factors that go into a plan on how to ask for a raise.

You feel you deserve a raise - but it's essential to know the 5 criteria most employers use whether they know it or not

Employees who carefully prepare when asking for an upward salary adjustment have better chances of getting a fatter paycheck at the end of the month. A carefully prepared presentation should go into the tested approaches on how to ask for a raise. Employers have their own templates with regards to compensation adjustments.

The How To Ask For A Raise guide helps you to speak to your employer in terms they understand

These parameters have to be incorporated on any plan seeking a pay increase. There should be awareness at the very start on how an employer considers increasing a salary level, and when it is usually granted. Some companies do grant a salary increase on an annual basis and base it on the employees` performance. Timing and documentation are therefore very important elements on how to ask for a raise. You`ve got to know when and, most of all, how to best deliver your pitch for a fatter pay envelope.

Professional help is easy to get if you want to vastly improve your batting average in seeking a salary increase. There is a popular e-book available through the link below which can be your valuable reference for your next annual salary review or even prior to this (hopefully) yearly exercise. This resource provides advice on the many strategies to use and many communication templates such as letters and e-mails that are specifically written as armaments for those who are at a loss of words on how to ask for a raise.

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